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She’s rusty! My XS500 has been neglected a bit but it’s go time! @shoebox1951 and I were going over ideas today. | #yamaha #xs500 #rusty #ratty #strivemfg #caferacer

Ok! I’m back at it again. No more fucking about

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Just a friendly reminder from Tumblr that my motorcycle is still sitting in @shoebox1951’s garage unfinished… 😭😭😭! I need to to get in gear! Sonic Reducer by the Dead Boys just popped into my head. | #xs500 #yamaha #cafeproject #tumblr

Ok ok ok!!!! I’m on it!

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Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Series-Kiyo

Here’s a very long time friend of mine who’s building an epic CB750 for Born Free 5! I can’t wait to see it finished.

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RIP, Karla Muñoz

Friends, Please ride safely and watch out for idiot cagers. :(

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Rearsets on my XS500! My boy, Tony hand fabricated these custom for the XS. #xs500 #xs500project #rearsets #yamaha #caferacer

Update!!! The XS500 got some custom fabricated rearsets.

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This girl on her Triumph rolled next to me today and I couldn’t resist in asking to take her photo. She even smiled! What a babe!!! Can anyone help me identify this #triumph? #motorcycle #bikerbabe #triumph #longbeach (Taken with Instagram at Long Beach Ca)

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Wrenchmonkees Puzzle

This is not my bike, but this is what it looks like right now! I can’t wait to put it all back together.

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Yamaha XS500 - Wrenchmonkees


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Progress? Yes… but after we decided that the production weld marks needed to be smoothed down. We sand blasted the frame and did some more grinding to have a nice clean frame for powder coating. More to come

All photo credit goes to Alex Maldonado (Transmission77 @ Flickr)



A beauty shot of my wheel.

gold wheel

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Random photos from March and April

I am holding out on some updates because the progress on the XS has been a bit slow. 77Motos’ Tony has been busy working on some hot rods for other clients. I have been pretty busy myself, but here are some pictures from last month. More to come!

xs500 update
Here I am removing the tube braces on the rear. Preparing it for the seat pan bar.

xs500 - updates

xs500 - updates
Tank raised 1-1/2” and sitting on new mounts

xs500 - updates
Welding new “drilled-hole” gussets into place - BTW, Tony and Alex are selling Seven Seven Motos t-shirts! The front has a large 77 Motots logo on the chest and the back has an "All Soul No Glory" logo on the upper back as pictured above. Click here

xs500 - drilled gussets
I love how these look!

I have lots more pics to post but I’ll wait until you can see more progress on the bike. Stay tuned.

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I had to take a small break from the bike, but this coming week I am back on it, I will post some good stuff here soon. Be right back!

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La Pin Up du week end : CB750 spirit

Seven Seven motos in France

A small write up from a French motorcycle blog featuring Tony’s CB550 and Alex’s photography with Rikki modeling. Congrats guys!

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March 5th Update - Yamaha XS500

XS500 Wheels and rubber
Newly powder coated wheels and new rubber!

Clean motor
Motor is clean and ready for paint

Primered motor
Primered and ready for paint

More removal of ugly brackets and gussets… more on this later

my bike

side profile
She’s really looking good!

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Now, its coming apart! This I didn’t anticipate to happen so quickly but it needs to get done so GO FORTH!The motor is out and ready for a thorough cleaning
Degreasing and power washingMore to come…

Now, its coming apart! This I didn’t anticipate to happen so quickly but it needs to get done so GO FORTH!

The motor is out and ready for a thorough cleaning

Degreasing and power washing

More to come…

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February 24, 2010 | My buddy Tony ( and I decided to get our hands dirty today. After some tweaking the dormant Yamaha finally came to life. Tony was daring enough to take her for a spin under the condition it is in and this video is the result. There’s lots to do but the bike will be killer in the next couple months. I’ll keep you posted.